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Daktel Overview & Specifications

Daktel/Pendant expands users’ horizons and enables them to press one button to get help at
home and away, anywhere in the US where there is AT&T 3G coverage. Daktel/Pendant does not require a landline phone line or base station, and it is shower-safe and is lightweight and easily worn with the included lanyard.

Simple to Use –

1. Press the button.

2. Get assistance from a certified emergency care specialist.


Features –

  • Works up to 30 days on a single charge
  • Small, lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Can be used in the shower
  • Can be used in the shower
  • Works at home and away from home, anywhere there is AT&T 3G coverage
  • Can be located with U-TDOA

Daktel/Pendant¬†Specifications –

Colors: Black
Weight: 2 oz
Size: 2.7″ X 1.7″ X 0.7″
Battery: Up to 30 days per charge
Network: AT&T 3G Cellular Network*