Prevent in home falls with these three easy tips!

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations and deaths in adults ages 65 and older.  Wondering how you can help your senior parents stay safe, whether they’re at your home or theirs? We suggest these three steps to start:

1. Do a fall risk assessment walk-through.

Falling isn’t inevitable, but it is preventable. Medicare covers a safety assessment for adults 65 or over. Find out more here. The assessment covers an extensive list of safety items and can leave you and your parent with a list of improvements that will make the home a safer place so the risk of falling is minimized.

2. Be Aware of Warning Signs And Take Action.

Identify if your aging in place parent is showing signs of difficulty in getting up from a chair or holding on to walls while walking. These are signs that it is time to see a physical therapist who can help improve strength, balance and gait. Walking devices and other aids also may be prescribed depending on the complexity of the issue, so it’s always best to seek a professional opinion.

3. Make sure all medical equipment is up to date.

Many aging parents may not want to believe there is a possibility of falling or getting seriously hurt. You can only do so much in leading this conversation. Make sure to check that their current health conditions are being managed effectively and that their eye prescription is up to date. Discuss fall monitoring options with them like the Walabot Home, which has no wearables, cameras to maintain if the risk of falling continues to be a concern.

Source: National Council On Aging

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