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Walabot HOME can be used by anyone. It is, however, particularly useful to people who might be prone to falling, due to illness or advanced age, especially those living alone.

The box containing your Walabot HOME includes one Walabot HOME device, one power adapter, four double-sided adhesive strips, and one Walabot HOME user guide. We sell bundle units and each device comes in its own box.
When a fall is detected, the LED light on the right side of the screen of your Walabot HOME device will flash blue. The device will then announce in a clear voice that a fall has been detected and that a phone call will be placed to your list of emergency contacts. At the same time, your primary caregiver will receive an SMS notifying them that a fall has occurred. If you do not cancel the alarm at this time, your emergency contact will be called, establishing two-way voice communication through the Walabot HOME device itself. You will then be able to speak to and hear your emergency contact through the device’s speakers. This entire process, from the time you have fallen until the time your emergency contact is reached, is approximately two minutes.

Walabot Home uses smart motion sensing technology (based on radio wave signals rather than cameras) to monitor the room continuously in case of a fall. Once installed on the  wall, it can automatically detect if someone has fallen by analyzing the entire room.

If a fall is detected, the device will give you time (up to two minutes) to stand back up, if you are able. If during this time you do not cancel the alarm, Walabot HOME will automatically call your emergency contacts, enabling two-way voice communication through the speakers in the device – so you can get the help you need.

While multiple devices can be paired with the same primary contact’s account, apart from that, each device operates on its own. notice that adding a list of caregivers in the companion App will be shared among all your devices at home.

The adhesive strips included with your Walabot HOME device will work on any surface in the bathroom. However, it is not recommended to use them on wallpaper, as they might fall off or damage the wallpaper.

For optimal performance, it is important to clean the wall’s surface with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth and let the wall dry before adhering the strips.

Walabot HOME can work in any room within an area of 12×16 feet. It is most commonly placed in bathrooms. With so many falls happening in the bathroom-often with more serious injuries and potentially fatal results-it is the most dangerous room in the house and where you need protection the most.

Walabot HOME needs to be mounted and installed in the room you intend to monitor. The device should be placed at a height of 5 feet (1.5 meters) from the ground, using the 4 adhesive strips provided in the box.

The device needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet and in clear view of the room (not behind anything). When installing in a bathroom, it should not be installed inside the bath or over the bathtub.

After the Walabot HOME is mounted and plugged into an electrical outlet, the prompts on the device’s touchscreen will ask you to connect your device to WiFi, pair the device with your emergency contact’s mobile phone, set the perimeter of the room, and perform a test run.

It is highly recommended to watch our short Walabot HOME installation video before getting started.

It is crucial for Walabot HOME to be mounted on a wall and at the correct height of 5 feet (1.5 meters) from the floor. The device should not be placed on shelves or any other surface in the room.

Walabot HOME is a wall-mounted safety device that detects falls automatically. It can automatically tell if someone has fallen by analyzing the entire room space using radio frequency sensor technology. No cameras, pendants or bracelets are required. In the event of a fall, your emergency contact is notified through a two-way voice call, so they can get you the help you need.
Walabot HOME is different from any other fall monitoring device on the market. For starters, there are no wearables bogging you down (necklaces, watches, etc.) and no button that needs to be pushed to indicate an emergency. It also has no camera and therefore maintains your privacy during the monitoring process. Furthermore, knowing that time is of the essence, once a fall has been detected, Walabot HOME quickly calls your emergency contact on your behalf, enabling efficient two-way voice communication through the device itself – so they can get the help the you need.

The Walabot HOME device is a 7 x 7-inch white plastic square with an AC power adapter for electricity. In the center is a touchscreen which shows you that the device is monitoring. All user functions are carried out through this touchscreen.

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