Walabot HOME

All-in-one Personal Safety Solution for Successful Aging


About the Walabot HOME

The next generation in fall alert service HAS ARRIVED!

The Walabot HOME automatically detects falls in your home and notifies your emergency contact through a two-way voice call ensuring that you quickly get the help you need.

No bracelets, pendants, or wearables

Set yourself free and still stay safe with the only fall detection device that requires absolutely no wearable to remember to put on, and no uncomfortable device to lug around.

Automatically monitors for falls

Walabot HOME continuously monitors for falls throughout your home. After proper installation, nothing more is needed from you.

Protects privacy

Using advanced motion sensing technology based on radio wave signals rather than camera images, Walabot HOME accurately monitors movement, while ensuring your privacy is protected at all times.

Call from the device at anytime

Two way speaker and reciever unitIf you need help at any time, just lie down or click the screen, to quickly establish a two-way voice call with your emergency contact.

Easy set up

Your safety is improved in a matter of minutes. Mount Walabot HOME on your wall, connect to WiFi, sync with your emergency contact (child, neighbor or friend) – and you’re done.

The next generation in fall alert service has arrived!

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Put it up once, and you you are set for life!

Walabot HOME analyzes the environment using advanced sensor technology and quickly detects if you have fallen.

A two-way voice call is activated so you can speak with your emergency contact, and tell them what has happened.

Walabot HOME is unique in that even if you are unconscious, it alerts your caregiver so you can immediately get help.

Order Walabot HOME today and enjoy the ultimate senior care solution for aging in place.

Walabot HOME uses unique radio frequency sensor technology to monitor for situations that indicate a fall. By analyzing a range of elements together in real time Walabot HOME is able to delivers 4 times more accuracy than other automatic fall alert systems.

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