MXD-LTE Alert System

24/7 assistance with the press of a button​

The MXD LTE Features

100% Waterproof Pendant or Bracelet

Can be used in the bathtub or the shower, where many senior-related falls happen in the home.

Long Battery Life

The battery provides constant power to the unit for up to 80 hours if lost.

Custom Pendant Button Technology

Pendant is capable of sending unique alarm codes button pushes, inactivity, supervisory alarms, and low battery alarms


The microphone sensitive enough to hear voice communication around corners and in other rooms of the home.

The MXD LTE Basics

The microphone in your MXD-LTE unit is sensitive enough to hear voice communication around corners and in other rooms of your home.  You do not need to be in the same room with the MXD-LTE unit for the response center to hear you!  Your MXD-LTE unit’s audio system is engineered to provide for an increase of up to 83 times the normal volume. 

After connecting to the response center, your MXD-LTE unit shifts to a voice communication mode.  The MXD-LTE usually operates in duplex mode, where both the attendant and you can talk at the same time.  Some response centers can also place the MXD-LTE in simplex mode and switch the unit between “talk” and “listen” modes.  Simplex mode can greatly improve the clarity and range of communications between you and the attendant during certain situations. 

Your SOS Button may be worn as a necklace or a bracelet.  Both styles are waterproof and should be worn in the bathtub and shower.  Your SOS Button uses an indicator light to display the status of its internal battery.  While your SOS Button is being pushed, a green light will indicate that the internal battery is good.  A red light indicates that the internal battery may be weak. 

Your MXD-LTE unit is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery.  The battery provides constant power to your MXD-LTE unit for up to 27 hours if power is lost.  The MXD-LTE constantly monitors its battery condition when the unit is being powered by its battery.    The MXD-LTE can also be programmed to send notifications of when it is running on battery power, when that battery is getting low, and when the battery is no longer able to continue powering the unit.

Setting Up The

Plug in the device

Plug the MXD-LTE power cube into an AC power outlet that is not controlled by a light switch.

Turn the switch

Place the power switch, located on the back of the unit, into the “I” position. The status light on the MXD-LTE will begin to flash orange.

Wait for the green light

After a short time, the status light located on the left edge of the large HELP button will appear steady green, indicating that the MXD-LTE is connected properly, and the cellular radio has been activated with the cellular company.

Test the SOS button range

Test the range of the SOS button to make sure it works throughout the home and yard.

Call the response center

Initiate your first call to the Response Center by pressing the SOS button or the HELP button

Live With Confidence!

24/7 assistance with the press of a button

How Does It Work?

The system uses your Cellular & VoIP technology to connect to emergency responders via Two Way Voice Communication. Users wear the pendant or wrist band SOS Button to communicate with the base unit in the home, which has a powerful microphone and speaker.
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